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Displaying greenhouse gas emission reduction options with their impacts. Helping landowners to improve the carbon balance of their lands. Visualising air cleanliness globally and helping cities to measure the concrete impacts of clean technology and renewable energy decisions. Showing changes in snow melt-off days during the last decades in Northern Europe. Helping climate scientists and the public to see how fast climate change is altering seasons and affecting nature.

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"The important thing is to find out, how we can save the world even if only a minority of the world’s people will participate in the effort"

Button Program is an inclusive and passionate community of people who are working every day to make a positive impact on the environment. Our story was sparked by the words of a science fiction author Risto Isomäki: "If we think in terms of absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, those of us who are aware of the problem, can do much more than what would have been our own share of the burden. One seriously concerned person can eliminate the emissions of a hundred indifferent people. A rich person with a lot of resources can easily absorb from the atmosphere as much carbon dioxide as ten thousand middle-class people are currently producing. This is not fair, but the world has never been fair. The ignorant, the arrogant and those who have given up will always be with us. The important thing is to find out, how we can save the world even if only a minority of the world’s people will participate in the effort. "

Risto Isomäki: 66 Ways to Absorb Carbon and Improve the Earth's Reflectivity

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